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We want She Got Swish to be a reflection of our own style and a brand dedicated to making our customers feel good in the outfit that they are in. We as sisters are totally in sync with each other, especially when it comes to fashion and trends. We are so particular with what we like that everything on this website is completely hand picked by us, unlike larger online stores. 

A lot of people ask where the inspiration behind the name She Got Swish came from... Here's a little insight.

The word 'Swish' in the dictionary means:

1. [British] Impressively smart and fashionable.

2. Sinking a shot in basketball without the ball touching the rim or backboard.

With Shyla being a professional basketball player and Jamie having a burning passion for Styling whilst also studying Fashion and Business at FBI Fashion College in Sydney, we thought the name would be the perfect representation of us both. Both who share the same passion of basketball and fashion. 

We hope you love our brand as much as we do. From two sisters to another...

With Love,

Jamie and Shyla 

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